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Yuan Liu - Leading Vegas Realty Property ManagerMy name is Yuan Liu. I am a Property Manager with Leading Vegas Realty. With over 9 years of real estate experience, I know what it takes to get the job done. My goal is to relieve the stress and reduce liabilities of managing your rental property. I can also help you to sell when you are ready or buy more properties if you want. I always provide the highest level of customer service and honesty to earn and retain your business. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding property management, buying or selling real estate, please contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you.


Carina Reyes - Leading Vegas Realty Property Manager Carina Reyes has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has extensive experience in Real Estate working in accounting for a developer and broker. She earned her real estate license in 2014 and moved into personal investing, real estate sales and property management. Since getting licensed in Real Estate and Property Management, Carina has successfully managed over 100 properties and handled sales and purchases for her clients. Being a landlord herself she understands the unique needs required to manage real estate successfully as an investment. Carina brings to the table her strong work ethic and her values of Reliability, Trustworthiness, Knowledge and Honesty to every interaction she has with her clients whether she is helping them purchase or sell their home. More importantly, she understands and guides them through the financial and emotional demands that come with the process.

Carina’s passion in real estate and property management lies within the happiness she is able to give her clients. The joy of seeing her client purchase their dream home, the gratitude and appreciation she receives in helping her client sell their home or to hear the sound of relief when she informs her landlords that they have the perfect tenants occupying their rental property. Being able to support her clients through any real estate or property management situation to a successful end is her goal and reward.

Carina is always available to answer questions and support you. She can be reached at (702) 340-3579 or


Jing Slockbower - Salesperson, REALTOR®, Property Manager

Hi, my name is Jing, Realtor and Property Manager of Leading Vegas Realty. I have over 8 years’ experience in Las Vegas Real Estate and my strength is to coordinate the relationship between landlord and tenant for their best mutual benefits. We offer quick leasing, online rent payment, high lease renewal rate and low vacancy. I helped numerous landlords from local Las Vegas, out of state and overseas. For the benefit of technology and internet, many buyers, sellers and landlords never come to Vegas to handle the relevant business, which also benefits from my honesty and high-quality service through which I earned trust from my past clients and their referrals.

I’m your trustworthy realtor and property manager in Las Vegas. Earning the best protection, appreciation and the most cash flow for your property through my one-stop service of purchase, sale, management is my goal. Your most satisfactory and trust will be my best referral!

您好,我是静 ! 立德房产的经纪人和管理经理。我有着8年多的房地产经验,尤其擅长协调房东和 租客之间的关系,满足双方最大利益,出租快捷,收租准时,续租率高。我帮助过的房东来自维 加斯本地,外州及海外。得益于现代高科技和网络,大部分房东至始至终都不需要亲自到维加斯 处理房屋买卖和出租事宜,这也得益于我的诚信和优质服务赢得了老客户的信任和推荐源源不断 的新客户。

我是您放心,省心的拉斯维加斯房管家,提供优质的房屋买卖,出租,管理全套服务,让您的资 产得到保护,增值和现金流的最大化,赢得您的满意,信任和推荐是我服务的宗旨和目标!