Leading Vegas Realty offers top quality property management to help you maximize your profit and relieve you of the stress that comes with being a landlord. Backed by years of experience, our professional property managers are committed to ensuring the success of your rental properties.

We believe that communication is the key to success in property management. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we keep you constantly informed about how your property is performing. We make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to achieving your investment goals.

For Landlords

Our services encompass everything that affects the operation of your property. Our property management process includes the following:

  • Property marketing
  • It is our goal to keep vacancies at a minimum and shorten vacancy periods as much as possible. Even before the end of a lease, we start marketing the unit that’s about to be vacated. We advertise on top rental sites including the MLS. We also feature your property on our website, and utilize other online and traditional marketing tools.

  • Tenant screening
  • Having the right tenants is very important in rental properties. Our screening procedure includes not only credit checks, but thorough background checks as well, including criminal history, eviction history, and others.

  • Move-in, move-out inspections
  • These inspections are critical in assigning responsibility for any damage to a property at the end of a lease. We make sure new and departing tenants are present at these inspections and the results are well documented and recorded.

  • Lease agreement
  • We use the industry-standard lease agreement that is fully approve by Las Vegas Associate of Realtors®. It is highly comprehensive and cover all significant details while being in full compliance with relevant laws.

  • Property maintenance
  • We work only with licensed and bonded vendors for all required maintenance and repairs. Upon the owner’s request, we do regular inspections to catch potential maintenance issues before they escalate into something bigger. We also handle tenant requests for repairs as appropriate and are on call 24/7, especially for emergencies. We seek approval for maintenance or repair work that costs over a set limit.

  • HOA Compliance
  • If your property is covered by HOA rules, we make sure you are compliant at all times. We coordinate with HOAs to address any issues, including those involving a tenant.

  • Online Payment
  • We make sure you get your monthly payment on time through a fast and easy system. Our owner portal gives you access to financial statements every day. Our tenant portal allows tenants to pay rent electronically for ease and convenience. We make sure we diligently collect rent from all tenants in a timely manner.

  • Financial statements and reports for tax declaration
  • You can conveniently access all the information you need through our secure owner portal. We maintain transparent records so you can review all your proceeds, payments, documents, and reports online. We help you in identifying deductibles and provide the support you need in preparing for your annual tax declarations.

    We keep ourselves abreast with local and federal tenant/landlord and housing laws to ensure you are compliant at all times. We provide legal guidance and are ourselves guided by lawyers and legal professionals on more complex issues.

  • Eviction assistance
  • In occasions where eviction is necessary, we provide the assistance you need to carry out the process. We will always look after your interests while making sure you’re in compliance with the law.

For Tenants

Finding the residential or commercial space in Las Vegas that meets your needs can be quite intimidating. The competition for the most desirable locations is fierce, and if you’re new to the city, it’s often difficult to know where to start.

Leading Vegas Realty offers solutions to the needs of Las Vegas renters through the following services:

  • Finding the right property for residents
  • Our listings include some of the most desirable rental properties in Las Vegas. Do a quick search here or get in touch with us. Let us know what you’re looking for and we shall match you with the home that best suits your needs.

  • Finding the right property for businesses
  • We can help you locate a property that fits your needs. We will review current market reports and statistics with you to identify if your business and the location you’re interested in are a good match. If needed, we will recommend alternative locations and provide comparable data.

Once you’ve identified the right property and location, we’ll negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and guide you through the lease signing process.

  • Effective property management
  • As a tenant, you would want to live or do business in a property with professional management that responds to your needs promptly and efficiently. That’s the kind of service we provide in the properties we manage. Our tenant portal allows you to conveniently pay your rent online, as well as check your account and all the documents shared with you.