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Get Your Home in Order with These Maintenance Musts

There are so many ways you can get your home in great shape, including both projects you can do yourself and projects you should leave to a professional. Our tips mentioned below will serve as valuable guidance in your home maintenance efforts.

Lighting Fixtures

It’s easy to overlook the light fixtures you have. Light fixtures provide a function yet can also add to the ambiance and aesthetics of your home. Replacing fixtures you have in the house can often prove to be easy work. Look online for ideas and trends, go to your local home improvement store, and scour second-hand shops for cost-effective fixtures that can often spice up your home and make things feel fresh and new.


Sometimes, all a fireplace needs to feel updated is a good cleaning. Resources like Houzz recommend cleaning, painting, and designing in order to maximize function and have your fireplace looking amazing.

However, to make your fireplace look more like a centerpiece, you may want to change it in some way. This can be simple, from giving it a new color, putting up decorations or floral arrangements, or adding a painting or still frame to the wall above. Such touches are inexpensive and untroublesome for most homeowners. If you’re looking for something more intensive, it’s best to seek professional assistance, especially if you plan to add or reface a mantle.

The Bathroom

A full-scale bathroom remodel may prove to be expensive, but with the help of proper tools, there are a lot of things that you can do in this room without the help of a contractor. Still, some things will definitely need professional guidance. Updating some of the hardware, the toilet paper dispenser, the faucet, and other fixtures can be done by most homeowners. However, tiling, recoating a bathtub or replacing a vanity should all be handled by an expert.


The kitchen is a room where, if you decide to revamp, you’re probably going to be investing a decent sum. The average price to remodel a kitchen is around $22,000, but depending on materials could go as high as $50,000 or more.

However, if you are looking to update your home, the kitchen is a worthwhile investment. One of the methods of increasing value to your home and making it feel like your own little sanctuary can be replacing the countertops. Adding a granite or natural stone surface is a luxurious way to upgrade your kitchen. Make sure your materials are easy to clean, durable, sanitary, and will attract potential home buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

If you feel like making a change but want to stay DIY, you could add self-adhesive backsplash tiles in any color, pattern, and layout you decide. Adding spice racks to the inside of your cabinet doors can free up counter or cabinet space, allowing you more room to display your dishes and glasses or even just enjoy the space you’ve created.

The Living Room

If you’re looking for small, easy ways to make your home feel updated, stylish touches can go a long way. Swap out your furniture or accent pieces from finds at second hand stores, places like Ikea, or your favorite furniture retailer. Get some decorations for your coffee table or add a bookshelf that is peppered not only with your favorite reading material, but with photos, flowers, pieces from your travels — anything you might find inspirational. Add throw rugs or colorful blankets to spruce up your look and feel. Another way to get your home in great shape is to create more space by decluttering.

The Exterior

Don’t forget your home’s exterior. Check your home’s paint for signs that it needs a refresh. If you have a wood porch or deck, you should also check to see if any boards need to be replaced and then restain it to protect from weather damage. Then, tackle your landscaping. Remove any dead trees (You should hire a professional to do this!), clean up flowerbeds, and address the health of your lawn. For advice on reseeding a lawn and how often to water it, check out this information.


If you still haven’t addressed your home’s security needs, it’s time to make this a priority. Fortunately, there are both DIY and expert options for enhancing your home’s security. When you want to handle it yourself, smart home systems like a Ring doorbell monitor or spotlight cam are easy to install and make it easy to keep tabs on your home. You can also add thorny bushes under windows or around fence lines as a deterrent. A fully monitored system is a great way to ensure your home is safe inside and out, but this will require professional installation, and you’ll have to sign up for monthly monitoring fees.

You can create the perfect home space for yourself and your family. From DIY to getting an expert to do the heavy lifting and planning, there are ways for all homeowners on any budget to update their home.

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