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Airbnb Rentals in Clark County

The short-term rental industry, spearheaded by companies like Airbnb, has been on the rise across the country since approximately 2008. Notably, for Airbnb, in just 12 years, the company has grown from nothing to an over 30 Billion industry....

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The State of the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19,) the real estate industry is admittedly in complete chaos. The outbreak is responsible for the unemployment of millions of Americans across the U.S., and hundreds of thousands of workers...

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Expert’s advice on buying rental property

It's a good time to invest in a rental property in Las Vegas. Here are five tips to help you find the best rental property and step into your shoes as a landlord (or lady). Investing in a rental property in Las Vegas has the potential to...

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To rent or to buy: What should you do?

Unsure of whether you should buy or rent a home? Click here to examine four crucial factors such as market conditions and your intention. This way, you can decide whether renting or buying a home in Las Vegas is the better option for you. ...

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Nevada’s landlord-tenant laws explained

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) provide tenants and landlords with protections relevant to owning, managing, and occupying a rental property. These renting laws ensure that both parties treat each other in a fair and respectful manner.T...

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The essential guide to renting in Las Vegas

This resource is for anyone who needs help navigating the Las Vegas home renting process from start to finish. Learn more about the basics of the local market, your rights as a tenant, and everything in between with this step-by-s...

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