Important Features for Nevada Home Buyer

Features make the home. Discovering what buyers in Nevada are looking for will make a huge difference in whether your home sells quickly or sits on the market. It’s time to point out the most popular features for buyers in Nevada.

Laundry Room

Real estate experts will tell you that the vast majority of today’s buyers want a dedicated laundry room with ample room to fold and stack their clothes. If it happens to have a door to the outside and can be used as a mudroom also, that’s even better.

If you don’t have one, but have the space to add one, the cost can be as little as $1,000 and go up from there. If you can add it near the bedrooms, that’s even better. If you can add a utility sink, a couple of cabinets, and a countertop, you’ve hit a homerun.

Patios, Decks, or Outdoor Spaces

These features are really gaining in the buyers’ lists of must haves. In fact, 87% of today’s buyers want that outdoor living area. They want to see comfortable seating and space for a BBQ grille. Watch buyers’ eyes light up if out there on the patio or deck you have an outdoor projector with a 100-inch screen. The adults may appreciate it, but if they have children, you may have just made a sale.

A Nice Garage with Bonus Storage

The garage is no longer just a place to park your cars. To interest buyers your garage needs to be so much more. For one thing everybody owns a lot of extra “stuff”. You don’t want to store it under a bed or out in the backyard exposed to the elements (especially “elements” that want to pick your “stuff” up and walk off with it).

Add some wall shelving, or peg boards, epoxy the floor, dress that garage up. Add some overhead storage for kayaks, camping supplies, etc. People like the idea of easily getting to things without having to go out to a storage shed or down the road to a “you-store-it” facility.

Green Features

Buyers are becoming more eco-savvy. Make it known if you have painted with low-VOC paints. Advertise if your windows and doors have high-energy efficiency ratings. Are there solar panels or an upgraded water heating system? If so, make sure potential buyers know that your home has these types of “green” things.

Updated Kitchens and Bathrooms

No surprises here. Buyers, especially the wives, want to see updated kitchens and bathrooms. Most sellers cringe and think that these upgrades must be expensive. The good news is you don’t have to spend tons of money in these areas to attract the eyes of buyers. Paint the cabinets; add new cabinet pulls along with dazzling new light fixtures. Those items alone can go a long way towards upgrading kitchens and bathrooms.

Change the flooring in your bathrooms. Bathrooms usually have smaller footprints, not a lot of square footage, and thus don’t require a large outlay of cash to upgrade the flooring. If there is one large mirror above a double sink, replace it with two smaller mirrors, each centered above one of the sinks. Choose mirrors that have interesting shapes and more than just blah frames.

Set Your Home Apart

Making your house stand out is all about the “wow”. You don’t have to make drastic and expensive changes to make your home different from the all the other run of the mill homes on the market. When someone is going through home after home after home, they all start to run together in their mind. If you can add just a little pizzazz, yours will catch their attention and be remembered.

Karl Kennedy
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