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Staying Home More? Keep Your House Healthy

Dealing with a pandemic has increased the time you spend at home, making it more critical than ever to refresh your spaces. Surprisingly, your house may be causing you to feel down or ill.

Living in a home that is happy and healthy improves your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few tips for healthy changes that promote calm, comfort, and wellness.

Declutter Your Rooms
Studies show that people who have disorganized homes with a lot of clutter experience increased stress levels. Improve your mood and reduce allergens by getting rid of the extra stuff lying around your house. This tip may feel like an overwhelming task if you have accumulated many things over time, making it challenging to know where to begin.

Do not think about the big picture. Start small and take on one area at a time. Once you get in the habit of designating items for donation, recycle or trash, you will gain peace of mind knowing you are keeping only the things you genuinely cherish and need. Your home will feel calmer and more inviting.

Improve Your Air Quality
Indoor air pollutants can be much worse than you realize. It is critical to take steps to purify the air in your home. There are various methods to create cleaner air quality inside:
• Stop using air fresheners or other scented products
• Open windows regularly to circulate fresh air
• Dust surfaces routinely
• Turn on your bathroom fan for 20 to 30 minutes following a shower to prevent excess humidity and mold
• Change your air conditioning filters regularly

If you do not have a range hood and vent that directs airflow outside, you are polluting the air in your house every time you cook. Hire a professional contractor to install a hood with proper venting and fans to remove the chemicals released into the air when you prepare meals.

Clean Your Carpets
Vacuuming doesn’t always pick up all the dirt and dust embedded in your carpet fibers. Deep clean your carpeting once or twice per year to prevent particle buildup that can make you feel sick. You can do this yourself with a DIY cleaning product, rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire a professional service.

Update Your Lighting
It may seem insignificant, but the lighting in your house impacts your mood and energy level. For a DIY fix, replace your current lightbulbs with full-spectrum bulbs. These lights mimic natural sunlight.

If you are ready for a more significant project, hire a contractor to help you remodel your indoor spaces to allow for more natural sunlight. Or contact Leading Vegas Realty to look for a new house with abundant healthy light sources.

Create Outdoor Living Spaces
With some improvements, your yard can be a lovely place to spend time that also keeps you healthy. Hire a freelance landscaper to help you plan a well-designed outside area. A professional can:

• Optimize your yard space
• Select the best plants for your soil type and sun coverage
• Design a pleasing garden layout based on your wishes
• Create 3D renderings of what your garden will look like when it is complete

The pandemic has added many health concerns and precautions to daily life. Since you’re spending more time at home, creating spaces that improve your physical and mental health is essential.

Mike Longsdon, Writer
Elder Freedom