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5 Essential Traits of a Good Property Manager

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In the rental business, having a good property manager can mean the difference between a thriving property that regularly earns income and an inactive rental that struggles to break even.

Since this professional can significantly affect the success of your rental property, here are five qualities you should look for in a property manager.


First, find a good property manager with significant experience on the field. To have a rental property that has a healthy tenant population and, as a result, a steady stream of income, your property manager should have the following:

  • Strong background in tenant screening and retention – A property manager’s experience should include letting tenants in and finding ways to keep the good ones stay. After all, a rental will not generate income if it has a small number of tenants that pay regularly.
  • Conflict resolution. Once in a while, issues and conflicts arise in a rental property, whether it is a commercial or residential space. A good property manager should be able to handle such situations in stride and address the problems accordingly.
  • Property maintenance. It is imperative your rental property is kept in good condition. Having a property manager with extensive background in the overall administration and maintenance of a rental will surely help.

Communication and customer service skills

Ideally, a good property manager would have strong communication and customer service skills. These allow him or her to deal with tenants, potential and otherwise, effectively, with charm and grace.

A property manager who can converse and write clearly and concisely will help you in sales and even resolution of disputes and conflicts. The ability to communicate well also greatly helps in running a team.

An exceptional grasp on customer service also helps a property manager deal with stressful situations, from complaints to late payments. Should there be difficult conditions, communication and customer service skills help in de-escalating such circumstances.


With so many things involved in property management, organization is key.

Your property manager should be able to stay on top of things. Even better, a good property manager must also be able to respond quickly to emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances.

Organization is especially crucial if the you are hiring a property manager is handling multiple rental properties. These rentals will have their own set of needs, tenants, paperwork, and maintenance. A good and organized property manager will not mix things up and manage the respective rentals smoothly.


Technology now plays a big role in real estate. A good property manager should be able to use applications and other relevant platforms that can help the overall administration and management of the rental property.

Of course, it is not always possible to have a property manager constantly updated with the latest in software and applications. That is why a good property manager should also show inclination to learn new skills and methods.

Flexibility and curiosity in a property manager enables him or her to constantly seek new education and eventually build up experience in property management.

A good balance between kindness and professionalism

A great property manager is both a kind and firm professional. He or she should be able to empathize with the needs and concerns of the rental’s current and potential tenants. At the same time, he or she should be able to enforce property rules and handle business matters firmly and with great sensitivity.

Most of all, a great property manager should treat everyone with respect. That includes tenants, contractors, maintenance employees− everyone. In some ways, your property manager will also represent you and your rental. He or she should be able to represent you and your business well.

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