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Staying Home More? Keep Your House Healthy

Dealing with a pandemic has increased the time you spend at home, making it more critical than ever to refresh your spaces. Surprisingly, your house may be causing you to feel down or ill. Living in a home that is happy and healthy impro...

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Hiring a property manager

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Property Managers?

Hiring a property manager is an exciting next step for growing your real estate business - but if this is your first time hiring this professional, the actual cost may take you by surprise. Aside from the fees you plan to pay them, you may ...

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Get Your Home in Order with These Maintenance Musts

There are so many ways you can get your home in great shape, including both projects you can do yourself and projects you should leave to a professional. Our tips mentioned below will serve as valuable guidance in your home maintenance effo...

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Effective property management

Top Insights For Property Management Leadership

Property managers work hard to ensure their residents are happy, the property looks good, and the books are balanced. Least to say, it's not always easy to stay on top of these requirements. Property management requires careful planning...

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10 Essential Tips Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Updating a kitchen can be among the most time-consuming and expensive renovations you’ll do to your home—and the most rewarding. Not only might a kitchen renovation help to improve your home’s overall value, it can also provide you a...

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6 Home Repairs Too Dangerous to DIY

Thanks to DIY resources on YouTube and home improvement websites, more homeowners are getting their hands dirty with DIY home improvements. Completing your own repairs and renovations is a smart way to save money and hone your skills, espec...

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The Medical Alert Systems of 2021

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four older adults falls every year. Of those falls, 20 percent are serious, resulting in a broken bone, head trauma, or a similar injury. And, falling once double...

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How to Handle Tenants Who Own Exotic Animals

Disputes over pets between landlords and tenants are practically unavoidable. This is probably why so many tenants prefer to get a cat or dog without letting their landlords know or without paying the required deposit. In 2019, renters i...

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